Jurrian de Kanter
PhD student

Jurrian began his studies in Utrecht where he graduated cum laude from the Biomedical Sciences Bachelor. He then finished the Cancer, Stem cells and Developmental Biology Master program in Utrecht which he dedicated completely to Bioinformatics. During his Master, he published his first paper on CHETAH, a hierarchical cell type classification method for single cell RNA-sequencing in the Holstege lab of the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology (Utrecht). He performed his second internship in the DKFZ (Heidelberg) in the group of Stephan Pfister and Marcel Kool. Here he made an overview of the epigenetic landscape of Embryonal Tumors with Multilayered rosettes (ETMR), for which he analysed ChIP-seq and WGBS-seq of ETMR and other pediatric brain tumors. In his PhD, he focusses on unraveling the impact of (cancer) therapy on the genome of healthy blood stem cells and their contribution to the development of second (non-relapse) cancers in children. In his free time, Jurrian likes to play drums, ride his race bike and play board games.